Miss Gay Texas America pageant, is the most prestigious, most well respected, the oldest and the largest pageant system for female impersonators in the State of Texas.  Miss Gay Texas America started in 1974. (see a list of Miss Gay Texas America's under our Forever Tab)


Mr. & Miss Gay Texas America

Violet S'Arbleu

Mr. Gay Texas America

"Where Boys Are Boys and Female Impersonation is an Art"

 Mr. Gay Texas America 2017

 Mr. Gay America 2017

Deva Station

 Miss Gay Texas America 2017


Kyle Ean


 Miss Gay America 2018

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‚ÄčAugust Edwards

Mr & Miss Gay South Padre Island America, Promoter: A&A Productions,  March 25, 2018 at Studio 69, SPI, TX

Miss Gay Darling of Texas America, Promoter: Dazzling Darling Productions,  March 28, 2018 at Recovery Room, Odessa TX