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 Mr & Miss Gay Texas America‚Äč 

Miss Gay Texas America Started, In 1974, Ms. Jodi Lane was the first to take home the Crown of Miss Gay Texas America.  Still to this day, Miss Gay Texas America pageant, is the most prestigious, most well respected, the oldest and the largest pageant system for female impersonators in the State of Texas.  (see a list of Miss Gay Texas America's under our Forever Tab)

 Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman
     Owners of Miss Gay America

What is MGA?

The Miss Gay America (MGA) pageantry system is a female impersonation pageantry system. Contestants must be male, at least twenty-one (21) years old and can not have or be on any type hormone. Absolutely no breast implants, cosmetic or body enhancing implants below the neck or silicone (or any other similar type product-chemical) injections, excluding the face, will be allowed before or during the contestant's reign.
     The Miss Gay America pageantry system is entering into its 47th year of pageantry excellence. Norma Kristie was crowned the first Miss Gay America in 1972. Norma helped to promote the pageant until 1975 when he purchased the rights to the contest from the original owner. Incorporating in business as Norma Kristie, Inc, Norman Jones proudly promoted the Official Miss Gay America Pageant and its network of preliminary pageants across the nation. Norman Jones (Norma Kristie) has firmly established the pageant's reputation as the most prestigious contest in the world for competitive female impersonation. 

How do I compete?
The following is a brief overview of the basic steps in getting ready to compete within the Miss Gay America system. This is by no means a complete list and if you are interested, you should do your own research prior to competing.
The first step in getting ready to compete in the Miss Gay America system is to read and understand the rules and the categories of competition. This is important because if you don't understand them, you could make mistakes in preparing yourself for competition.
     The second step in getting ready to compete in the Miss Gay America system is to choose a preliminary to compete in. The only way to get to Miss Gay America is to compete at a state or regional pageant and either win the pageant or place first alternate. In certain cases, contestants may have the opportunity to become a representative for a pageant. Choosing a preliminary is an important step because each preliminary is owned and ran by a different promoter and each has a different prize package. Some preliminaries may have additional rules that supplement the Miss Gay America rules.
     As mentioned above, there are two main preliminaries: State and Regional. State preliminaries have city preliminaries under them and you would have to compete at a city preliminary first to be able to compete at a state preliminary. State preliminaries also have a residency requirement which means that you have to live within that state. Regional preliminaries are open to anyone living within the United States.
     The third step in getting ready to compete in the Miss Gay America system is to contact the promoter for the preliminary you have selected and either discuss the steps to competing for that preliminary are or you can request an application. 
     The above three steps are meant for educational purposes only. If you are interested in competing, you should talk to the corporate office, former Miss Gay Americas, promoters, and current and past contestants in the Miss Gay America system.

How do I promote?
Promoters are an essential part of the Miss Gay America system. Promoters give contestants the chance to compete at a pageant, fine-tune their packages, and gain experience in their craft.
     If you are interested in being a promoter, the first step is to contact the corporate office and request information about being a promoter for the Miss Gay America pageantry system. You may also select a preliminary from the list of preliminaries available for sale. After you receive the information, you would need to review it and if need be, contact the corporate office if you have any questions.

How do I judge?
Judging is a crucial portion of a pageant. Judges decide who wins a pageant and who the alternates are. Not everyone can judge a pageant. Judges need to be familiar with the Miss Gay America pageant system, its rules, and most importantly, its categories.
    Each promoter decides who the judges will be for the preliminary. If you are interested in judging a preliminary, you will need to fill out the judges information form so that it can be submitted to the promoter of the preliminary.

Miss Gay Texas America Board Members:

Chistyan Sangineto

Kristian Martinez

Regina-Love DuBois

Nathan Paris

August Edwards

Jenna Skyy

Darrin Martin

Dessie Love-Blake

Alayna Marques

Kara Dion

Sally Sparkles

Gazelle Bevon Ashton

Charity Case

Lauren Taylor

Kristian Martinez and Christyan Sangineto

Promoters of Miss Gay Texas America

Miss Gay Texas America 

Congratulations to Lady Gaga, the first honorary Miss Gay America!  Owners Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman presented Lady Gaga with her very own crown and a $5000 check to the Born This Way Foundation.  Thank you Lady Gaga for all your hard work championing for LGBT rights!