KC Productions

Kristian & Christyan

Miss Gay Corpus Christi America,

Miss Gay Texas America , Miss Gay East Texas America,  Miss Gay Gulf Coast America, and Miss Gay RGV America.

Contact Info: KCproductions@missgaytexasamerica.com

Gore Made Productions

Clay Gore

 Miss Gay Harris County America 

Contact Info: Claygore@facebook.com

Chachi, Loa 

Miss Gay Stars Over Texas America 

Contact Info: Facebook 

Gur on Da Go Productions

Jose Palomo Hernandez

Promoter of the Year 2016

Miss Gay San Antonio America

Contact Info: 210-385-4025


Stella Darling & Emologie Raven

Miss Gay Darling of Texas America

Contact Info: Facebook 

Vanessa La Niear

Miss Gay Austin America

Contact Info: VanessaLaNeiar@facebook.com

Taylor Made Productions

Lauren Taylor 

Miss Gay Houston America

Contact Info: LaurenTaylor@missgaytexasamerica.com

A & A Prodctions

Miss Gay South Padre Island America 

Contact Info: Facebook 

Luka O'Hara

Miss Gay Arlington America

Contact Info:  LukaOhara@missgaytexasmaerica.com

Layne Anderson

Miss Gay Fort Worth America 

Contact Info:


Ronny Kerr Sr. 

Miss Gay Galveston America 

Contact Info:Facebook 

Dearm Big Productions

Darrin Martin

Promoter of the Year 2015

Miss Gay Lone Star America

Miss Gay Dallas America 

Contact Info: darrin@missgaytexasamerica.com

Miss Gay Texas America's Promoters