Rules & Regulations 2017 Pageant Season

Administrative Point Deductions:

Administrative Point Deductions may only be issued by pageant officials, including Mad Angel Entertainment (or its
assigns), the reigning Miss Gay America or Promoters.

The lead judge should be attentive to issues that warrant Administrative Point Deductions and likewise inform pageant
officials as necessary however in general, judges should not administer deductions but rather adjudicate how such
violation may affect the specific competition presentation according to the category descriptions and sub-category
Administrative Point Deductions shall be administered in increments of 25-points per infraction and applied to the
accumulative score of the contestants.
Administrative Point Deductions earned during preliminarycompetition (including multi-day pageants) shall carry forward
into final night competition scores.

Regulated infractions include but not limited to:
   1. Exceeding allotted time for talent set-up and take down.
   2. Competition music submitted that is not appropriately labeled.
   3. Competition music that contains more than one track.
   4. National application and questionnaires that are submitted incomplete.
   5. National Applications submitted after the defined and published deadline.
   6. Direct violation of any category regulation (props, time) unless category descriptions define a greater penalty. 
   7. Tardiness for any schedule events of the pageant e.g. roll call, registration and other meetings, etc…
   8. Non-compliance with requirements for Presentation costume or Presentation Choreography.
   9. Visible tattoos
 10. Excessive use of profanity. Mad Angel Entertainment states if the language can be used on the
       radio or TV it can be used in a talent. Please keep in mind your audience and venue when making song
 11. Non-compliance with dressing room policies.
 12. Other actions by contestants or their entourage that may be disruptive to the efficient flow of the pageant.
 13. Non-compliance with directives given from Pageant Officials including Pageant Director, back-stage
      managers, sound-lighting technicians, etc…
 14. Any conduct deemed as poor sportsmanship toward another contestant, including verbal, physical
      destruction of props, costumes or any property will disqualify you from the competition.

Administrative Responsibilities of Miss Gay America (and State Titleholders):

1. Miss Gay America or representatives of Mad Angel Entertainment will have full oversight and on the spot
   questioning of the Promoter(s) and Judge chosen for the preliminary pageant.
2. All questions and problems will be settled in an orderly fashion in the best interest of the preliminary as well as
    the National Pageant.
3. All parties including the promoter and national office will be included on any communication regarding a
    preliminary or contestant.
4. Miss Gay America or a representative of Mad Angel Entertainment may, at their discretion, disqualify a
    judge or contestant including disqualification of any score sheet that does not parallel the criteria used for judging

    or competing in any segment of competition.

Advisory Board:

1. The MGA Advisory Board is comprised of Mad Angel Entertainment and a select group of former Miss Gay
America titleholders.
2. The role of the MGA Advisory Board is to ensure that the rules and regulations are adhered to and that each
preliminary is conducted to be in the best interest of the MGA Pageant System.
3. First time promoters are required to use a current Advisory Board member as their lead judge. You may use
a former MGA with approval of the national office.


1. Promoters will, at their own expense, provide ample advertising for their preliminary. Advertising includes
but shall not be limited to printed advertisement, web advertisement and social media advertisements.
2. Advertisements of any kind must contain the “Gay America Pageant Official Preliminary logo” found on
the promoters portal.
3. Ads shall contain the national titleholder and the state titleholder as the focal emphasis of the ad. Miss Gay
America should receive top billing in state or regional ads.
4. Promoters are required to submit a high-resolutions image over their qualified contestants. The titleholder
should be “eyes and face forward” unless otherwise approved by Mad Angel Entertainment.
5. Under no circumstance should a crown form another pageant system be shown in a photo in any ad or program.
6. If a contestant held a city, state or regional title is competing in the current year as a first alternate they
should not have a crown on in their promotional picture for the program.

Applications for Contestants:

1. Promoters should furnish an application package to the contestants.
2. Contestant applications for City, State, and Regional pageants must mirror the most recent application
published. If the national application is electronic you may use the most current printed version.
3. Your pageant package should include:
     a. Presentation requirements
b. Contestant regulations
c. Category descriptions
d. Any scheduling requirements for roll-call
e. Prize Package information for all placements including disbursement procedures.
f. Dates and times of your pageant.
g. Any other “need to know” information.
4. Contestants should be familiar with the National Pageants rules and regulations prior to competing.  

Current handbook will be available at
5. National application packages are usually ready by August 15th of each year.
6. Applications should be submitted electronically but if you can not submit them electronically, please contact the national office.

Appointed Contestants:

1. A State preliminary may appoint a contestant that competed at the city level to compete at the State level
if a qualified contestant cannot fulfill their role to compete. At that time the contestant in the next placement should be moved into that position.
2. If a promoter has pageant and only 1 or 2 people show up they should continue to hold the pageant and have

the contestant(s) go through competing as though they were competing for the title.
3. If there are no contestants for a scheduled prelim only the national office can approve and appoint contestants.
4. Mad Angel Entertainment can decide to fill available spots at the national level by appointing a contestant as
a representative. Any candidate for an appointment would have competed for at least 2 state or regional
level preliminaries to be considered.
5. Mad Angel Entertainment reserves the right to refuse appointees at any time.
6. If a promoter does not have a contestant for the schedule prelim they should contact the national office to discuss appointees.
7. “Representative” appointments will not occur until after the last scheduled state or regional preliminary has occurred.

Categories of Competition:

1. Promoters of Regionals and State preliminaries are required to have all 5 categories of competition, which
are Male Interview, Evening Gown, Solo Talent, Talent, and On-stage Question. This will help better prepare the
contestants for the national pageant and ensure consistent scoring.
2. Solo Talent is optional at cite preliminaries.
3. In the event of a multi-day pageant, Male Interview and Solo Talent categories will be carried over to the final
night scores and all other categories will be “re-judged”.
4. Category details are available in the promoters handbook and at website.

City Preliminary Pageants:

1. State promoters of closed state pageants who hold city preliminaries must provide the following to the city
     a. Promoter handbook
     b. Franchise agreement
     c. Rules of the city preliminary
     d. Responsibilities of the titleholder (mirror National Titleholder)
2. Questions and problems should be directed first to the State promoters before being presented to the National office.

Code of Conduct Standards for Titleholders and First Alternate positions:

1. By entering any official preliminary of the Miss Gay America pageant system, all involved (e.g. contestants,
titleholders, dancers, dressers, judges, promoters, and formers, etc…) must agree to follow the Standards of
Conduct within this handbook or any other communication sent from the National office. The National office has the right

to discipline or revoke the title of a Titleholder if the conduct does not meet the standard of the National office.
     a. Present themselves professionally both on-stage and off-stage.
     b. Never demean the Miss Gay America pageant, National office, or City, State, or Regional Preliminary.
     c. Never demean or disrespectful to another pageant system or it’s contestants.
     d. Do not cause substantial problems for promoters or people who hire you to perform.
     e. Never become intoxicated while representing their respective title.
     f. Do not smoke while wearing your crown, try to do this in a private place.
     g. Do no participate in any type of argument or altercation, except as a mediator, while representing your title.
     h. Attempt to solve problems with promoters, contestants, or titleholders in a peaceful manor.
     i. Never lecture the audience.
    j. Provide quality entertainment that epitomizes the standards of the Miss Gay America organization.


1. All Promoters and Contestants should have email as a primary source of communication.
2. Promoters are required to communicate with the National office electronically, including flyers, Titleholder pictures, and dates.
3. Promoters are responsible for making sure their contact information is up to date with the national office. This
can be done in the promoters form on the portal.
4. The Franchise Agreement from the national office will be sent out to promoters by November 1 of each year.
5. Promoters should make all arrangements with entertainers, judges, and venues in writing (email) so
they have a communication trail.
6. Promoter and Miss Gay America should schedule a phone call at least two (2) weeks prior to a preliminary to
review the promoter checklist, judges, and any other information that may be helpful.

Compensation and Travel Arrangements for Miss Gay America:

1. The reigning Miss Gay America must attend all days of the official direct (State or Regional) preliminary pageant
schedule (e.g. preliminary nights and final night in the case of multi-day pageants). The preliminary pageant
promoters shall be required to pay no less than $300 for the “final night” appearance and no less than $150 per
preliminary night.
2. The compensation for State titleholders (to attend City Preliminary Pageants) are negotiable and should be
defined in the City Preliminary Franchise Agreement by and between the State Promoter and City Preliminary
Promoter. All fees and prizes should be clearly defined.
3. Promoters are required to provide travel to and from their preliminaries (airfare or fuel expenses). Travel cost
should include any reasonable “bag-check” expenses incurred by Miss Gay America. Reasonable is one bag for
a one-day event or two for a two-day event. Hotel accommodations should also be made unless Miss Gay
America approves other arrangements.
4. All travel and performance fees should be discussed at least 4 week prior to the schedule preliminary.

Competition Music:

1. Competition music should be submitted I quality
condition (CD only)
     a. 1 track per CD
     b. Labeled with name, category, and track name
     c. Contestants should have a back-up copy of their CD’s available if needed.
     d. Administrative deductions will be applied for improperly labeled or CD’s received in poor condition.

Contracts for Preliminary Pageant Titleholders:

1. Promoters may require their titleholders to sign a contract, however it may not exceed the requirements of
the Miss Gay America job description.
2. Job descriptions should be made available to all contestants with their applications.

Critiques Session:

1. The Judges Critique session is intended to be mostly a “constructive criticism” session rather than a compliment
session. Every contestant has room for improvement therefore the session is designed to provide constructive
2. The Judges Critique session is optional to the contestants. The promoter may at provide a copy of the judges’
worksheet with comment.
3. In larger preliminaries the promoter or judges may opt to only do critiques for the top 5 finalists.
4. It is mandatory that contestants not making the top 5 receive a copy of their judges’ worksheets with comments.
5. If there are less than 5 contestants, all contestants are eligible to attend the critique session.
6. Critique sessions should last no longer than 5 to 7 minutes per contestant.
7. Scores will not be made available during critique session.
8. Miss Gay America should attend and moderate the critique sessions including time for each contestant.
9. The reigning Miss Gay America can also add to the critique but should not dominate judge’s time during the session.
10. Judges may make themselves available for off-line discussion or critique at their discretion.

Contest Scores:

1. Pageant scores are accumulative.
2. Breakdown of all sub-score categories will not be released.
3. Overall placement and total scores will be posted.

Crown Standardization:

1. All official preliminary promoters (on all pageant levels) are required to “use” the Official and standardized crown
designated for that particular level of pageant. State promoters should determine if their city prelims are
using the “city round crown” or “city tiara”.
2. Under no circumstances should any other crown be used in a Miss Gay America preliminary. Failure to use the
proper crown will result in the titleholder not being recognized as an official preliminary titleholder and
competition entry at the next level will be denied.
3. A city preliminary promoter may opt to “recycle” a Miss Gay America System crown. This should be coordinated
with the state promoter and documented with Mad Angel Entertainment for planning of crown productions for that
4. Cost of the state or regional crown is included in your franchise fees. City crowns or tiara can be purchased
individually by the city promoter or included in their city franchise fee to the state promoter to purchase.
a. The current cost of the city crown or tiara is $248 plus $15 shipping.
5. All state or regional crowns will be shipped once your franchise fees are paid in full.
6. All city crowns should be ordered on the promoter’s portal using the official form. Once the order is received
you’ll be invoiced for the crown. Once paid in full the crown will be shipped.
a. All crowns must be ordered through Mad Angel Entertainment.
7. All crown orders should be placed with 30 days notice.

Disqualification of Contestants:

1. Violation(s) of any rules and regulations may disqualify the contestant from participation in the Official Miss Gay
America Pageant.
2. The national office reserves the right to disqualify contestants if their actions, or action of their affiliates are
deemed not in the best interest of the Miss Gay America pageant system.
3. Any filed complaints will be documented and investigated by the national office with all appropriate parties.
4. While every attempt to investigate claims against a contestant prior to taking action, if a credible source
verifies a claim, especially during the national competition a contestant may be disqualified or suspended immediately.
5. The use of, dispensing of, or selling of any illicit drug will not be tolerated while a contestant (or entertainer) is
participating in any capacity in the Miss Gay America Pageant system. Immediate disqualification will result
for those found to be in violation. This would include anyone associated with the contestant (dresser, dancer, etc…).
6. Contestants are responsible for the behavior of their associates (dressers, dancers, assistants). Noncompliance
will result in disqualification or disciplinary action including point deductions.
7. Actions deemed disrespectful or demeaning to the Miss Gay America pageant system may be disqualified.

Social Media Policy:

1. We expect all involved with Miss Gay America to be respectful of the pageant system including the national
2. You are competing to represent a symbol of excellence. You should portray that by being respectful to everyone.
     a. Avoid public rants
     b. Avoid on-line bullying
     c. Do not purposefully cause un-necessary drama
3. We do not police social media, but we expect you to be a professional. Be mindful of your posts or pictures you are
posted in (mostly when in your crown and representing the title)

Double Crowning Pageants:

1. Double crowning pageants are strictly prohibited. Eligibility (Contestants) Requirements:
1. Photo ID should be verified at all pageant levels.
     a. State and Regional residency requirements should
be met and verified.
             i. Closed states require 90 day residency. Drivers license, lease agreement, or billing statements, or utility bills.)
     b. Contestants must be 21 years of age to compete at any pageant level.
     c. Contestant must be a United States citizen.
     d. Promoters have the right to investigate the age or residency requirement as needed.
2. Contestants must be male.
     a. No surgical enhancements should be made below the neck. (Feminizing surgeries, breast, hips, butt, legs, etc…)
b. This does not include weight loss surgery (skin reduction)
c. The use of any type of hormones or hormonal therapy is not allowed.
d. A contestant may live their life as a female as long as they have not undergone any medical (hormone or
surgical) procedure. Proof may be required from a doctor if questioned.
e. If a potential had alterations but had them removed or reversed, the national office will review the
request and documentation to decide if they are able to compete for Miss Gay America.
3. Mad Angle Entertainment reserves the right to require a medical examination or physical examination in the event
that a contestant is suspected in violation.
4. Any Contestant found to be willfully untruthful about their criminal status will be permanently removed from
eligibility within the system.
5. A contestant who successfully completed felony probation, or whose criminal case is dismissed, will be
eligible to enter. Verification of criminal status may be checked.
6. A contestant who is currently in open criminal proceedings for a felony, currently on felony probation, or
is in current retribution for a crime, will be denied entry as a contestant into any preliminary of the Official Miss
Gay America Pageant.
7. Once a contestant has qualified for Miss Gay America, including first alternate they may not compete in another
preliminary that year for a state or regional title to Miss Gay America.
8. Any contestant who has qualified or has intention to qualify, during the current pageant season, to any city,
state, or regional preliminary may not judge any preliminary that season.
     a. The exception is a former state titleholder may judge a city preliminary for the state pageant in which she is a former titleholder.

Emcee Book:

1. The emcees of any officially sanctioned Miss Gay America pageant event should follow the rules and regulations as
detailed within this handbook.
2. Promoters should assemble an Emcee book to provide structure and flow to the event.
     a. The font should be larger so the emcee can read it in the low lighting
     b. Use a 3-ring binder for ease of flipping pages.
     c. Ensure there is proper lighting to the emcee.
     d. Provide a pen for changes and to mark completion.
     e. Keep the book organized and organized by tabs.
     f. Use the following headings and labels
          i. Pageant Schedule
         ii. Judges Biographies
        iii. Solo Talent (include contestant questionnaires)
        iv. Evening Gown
         v. Talent
        vi. Sponsors
       vii. Acknowledgements and announcements
       viii. Additional info (if needed to extend time)
3. Emcee should be aware to watch head judge for sign to continue competition.
4. Emcee job to progress the pageant as quickly as possible.
5. Emcee should receive a copy of the entertainer regulations to ensure they are aware of on and off stage requirements.
6. All awards and placements should be printed clearly for the emcees. Entertainers/Emcees/Former Preliminary Pageant


1. Promoters are encouraged to use their “family of formers” as special entertainment and emcees during their contests.
2. In some cases a promoter may want to use another entertainer which can be allowed with the following
     a. Inform Mad Angel Entertainment of the entertainer before advertising them.
     b. The entertainer should be provided the “Entertainer Regulations” as noted in this handbook.
3. Appropriate entertainment for an MGA pageant
     a. Current and former titleholders of that particular pageant.
     b. Former Miss Gay America national titleholders.
     c. Top 10 contestants of the most recent Miss Gay America Pageant if not competing in their pageant.
     d. Current titleholders of another pageant system provided they are a former of that preliminary
         pageant. Should be announced as followed by this example: Miss Gay (state/region) America 2001 /and Miss Gay USofA 2016
     e. Local entertainers or national entertainers (not part of the America system) provided that Mad Angel Entertainment is

         advised of and issues approval. (This is not preferred as we like to use MGA entertainers when possible.)
4. Mad Angel Entertainment reserves the right to refuse a certain entertainer from appearance to any preliminary
of the Miss Gay America pageant system.
5. Another systems crowns should only be worn during a titleholder walk.
6. Crown songs should not be allowed unless it’s an America crown.
7. Only Miss Gay America crowns should be on stage during award and crowning ceremonies. Exceptions are only
made with permission from Mad Angel Entertainment.
8. Promoters should be in control of their pageant at all times.
9. The use of illegal drugs, excessive consumption of alcohol, or excessive inappropriate language during the contest.

First Alternate Position:

1. The contestant chosen as first alternate at all pageant levels must be prepared to fulfill the duties of the
titleholder, if for any reason the titleholder is unable to fulfill his duty.
2. The first alternate winner does not have the right of refusal to be promoted to the titleholder position, if the
opportunity occurs within zero (0) days to six (6) months from the date of that particular contest. After that period
the first alternate has acceptance option, without penalty.
3. The rules and regulations as detailed in this handbook apply uniformly to their alternates and contestants in general, as applicable.
4. If the first alternate position titleholder is promoted the promoter should make every effort to make the coronation experience meaningful, such as a dedicated coronation ceremony.
5. If the first alternate is promoted to titleholder, at minimum the promoter is obligated to remit to the promoted individual, any remaining cash prize and appearance stream.

Franchise Fees – Agreements / Renewals / Revocations

1. All Direct preliminary promoters must renew, via signed Franchise Agreement, their preliminary pageant
agreements, not later than December 31 of the current calendar year. Invoices will be sent out with contracts attached each year.
2. If an updated and current Franchise Agreement is not received by December 31 of the current year for the
upcoming pageant season, Pageant Promoters are required to notify Mad Angel Entertainment, not later than December 31st of the current calendar year of their renewal intentions.
3. Failure to renew or notify will revert ownership to the sole ownership of Mad Angel Entertainment.
4. All first year pageant owners must pay their franchise fee in full to secure their date.
5. Veteran promoters may pay 50% of their fee to secure their date on the calendar. The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to their scheduled pageant.
6. Should a promoter fail to renew a particular franchise, Mad Angel may name another promoter within that state or region.
7. Mad Angel Entertainment reserves the right, with or without cause, to renew or not to renew a franchise
agreement. Should Mad Angle Entertainment decide to cancel an agreement they will notify the current promoter. A new promoter may be put in place of that franchise.
8. Methods of payment for the pageant fees are as follows: Check, Credit Card, Money Order, and PayPal.
9. Once the franchise fee is paid in full and the national office makes a decision to revoke the franchise, the fee will be refunded minus twenty-five dollar ($25) processing fee.

Honorary Titleholders

1. The act of appointing Honorary Titleholders is prohibited.
2. If a Promoter desires to acknowledge efforts of a certain individual, they are encouraged to establish a “specially named award” to recognize that individual.
3. Promoters may not purchase a standardized crown for any person they choose to recognize. They are
encouraged to use a certificate, trophy, or plaque as the award.

Judging Panel

1. All preliminary pageant promoters upon request should provide the names and qualifications of their judges to
the national office to include the current Miss Gay America.
2. New direct preliminary pageant promoters must, for their first year as a promoter acquire a current member of the national advisory board as their lead judge.
3. The national office including Miss Gay America reserves the right to disqualify or dismiss any judge whereby their service as a judge to that particular contest might not be in the best interest of the contest or the Miss Gay America pageant system.
4. Promoters are solely responsible for the behavior of their panel of judges and likewise.
5. Promoters should avoid any potential conflict of interest that a particular person serving as judge may present.
6. The promoter should ensure the panel of judges is well oriented with the rules and regulations of the Miss Gay America system.
7. Promoters should provide to the judges, at minimum a judges book that contains the following information:
     a. Category Descriptions
     b. Category Point Summary
     c. Score sheets and proper scoring procedures
     d. Pageant schedule
     e. Judges regulations and other information.

Multi-Day Pageants

1. Unless otherwise approved, only closed-state pageants are permitted to hold a multi-day pageant.
2. Multi-Day pageant may have no more than a “Top 10 Competition” during the final night.
3. Multi-Day pageant may have fewer that a finishing finalist competition but in no case equal more than half (50%) of
the actual contestants. (Example: if you have 8 contestants you may only have a Top 4 finalist
competition or a two day pageant with 10 contestants may only have a Top 5 finalist competition.)
4. Regional preliminary pageants may only have one-day of competition, unless otherwise approved by the national office.
5. All standard rules and regulations apply to both single and multi-day pageant.
6. All pageants should try to follow the layout of the national pageant for scoring consistency and to provide the
contestant preparation for what to expect at the national level.

Owners of multiple preliminaries / or interests in other pageants

1. In the event that more than one franchise is granted to a promoter, it should be noted that only one (1) vote, for
any issue in the Miss Gay America organization requiring a vote by promoters regardless of how many preliminary
pageants a promoter may purchase.
2. Any promoter, who desires to promote a contest with another pageant system, should notify Mad Angel Entertainment in writing. We ask that if you have interests in other systems that you efforts for your MGA preliminaries be maintained.

On-Stage Question Procedures

1. All questions should be typed and placed in an envelope.
2. Each contestant should be asked a different question.
3. At the option of the promoter, the on-stage question can be narrowed down to the top 5 finalists if you have a large group competing.
4. In the event of a double tie, meaning the overall score is tied and the talent score of two finalists is the same, one
question may be asked on stage to break the tie (the same question to each of the tied contestants) If possible remove the person not being asked the question to an area isolated from hearing the onstage question. Both contestants will be judged on that question to break the

Orientation for Contestants

1. Promoters must provide a detailed registration and orientation to the contestants to ensure they are well informed of every detail of the preliminary pageant.
2. Miss Gay America must be in attendance of the contestant orientation and assist in providing verbal detail to the
contestants, generally includes personal testimony, elaboration on categories, and detail on pertinent rules or pageant specifics.
3. Promoters should provide a written schedule, including any “role call” requirements
4. Contestants are required to attend orientation at the advertised time, date, and place.
5. Contestants who are late for orientation or scheduled “rollcalls” will receive administrative point deductions and will automatically become contestant number one (1).

Orientation for Judges

1. Promoters must provide the panel of judges with a detailed judges orientation so as to ensure they are well informed of every detail of the preliminary pageant.
2. Miss Gay America must be in attendance at the judges’ orientation and will assist in providing the verbal detail to the panel of judges. The instruction should include a personal testimony, category descriptions review, schedule review, proper-scoring procedures, judge’s
etiquette and requirements as well as any other information pertinent to the responsibilities of serving as a judge.
3. A “Lead Judge” should be identified and declared at such orientation.
4. It is strongly suggested that a written schedule be provided to the judges.
5. An Official Judges Book with score-sheets, worksheets, and other information should be provided at the orientation.
6. At the promoters option and as time permits, contestants are allowed to listen to the judges orientation.

Promoter / Pageant Reports

1. Promoters are required to submit a “Promoters Pageant Report” within 10 days from the date of the preliminary
pageant. Promoters should log into the Promoters Portal on the MGA website under forms.
2. The reigning Miss Gay America is required to submit a “Pageant Report” within 10 days of the actual date of the preliminary. This will help us know what is needed to assist promoters and future MGA’s be more successful.
3. State and Regional Preliminaries may use a reporting tool to monitor their pageants and preliminaries.

Preliminary Information Form

1. Each year promoters should fill out the “Preliminary Information” form located on the first page of the Promoter Portal. This will help us keep in
communication with the promoters and plan for the proper number of crowns to order each year.

Crown Orders

1. All city crowns will be ordered on the website. Once the order is placed you will be invoiced for the crown, which
you can pay using check or credit card. Crowns will be shipped once payment is received.
2. State and Regional crowns will be shipped to the address of your choice once your franchise fees are paid in full.

Performance of Miss Gay America

1. Miss Gay America will perform no less than twice during a preliminary pageant unless timing does not allow.
2. Miss Gay America is not required to perform more than two times but may do so at his discretion. Please remember Miss Gay America has other administrative responsibilities to perform during preliminaries.
3. Please schedule Miss Gay America in the lineup to allow for administrative responsibilities.
4. Miss Gay America should be introduced at the start of each pageant (after opening and presentation)
5. Miss Gay America should end the evening with a crown number.

Prize Package

1. There is no minimum prize package requirements, however promoters are strongly encouraged to at least
remain comparative with other promoters of similar preliminaries.
2. Promoters must advertise their prize packages, including disbursement of prize package and disbursement schedule in advance of the pageant.
3. Promoters who offer hotel stays for nationals to their contestants should be clear on what is covered (expenses, room charges, parking) and if the room is shared orindividual.
4. Promoters help contestants by providing a ticket to the national pageant. Any additional financial support outside of the advertised prize package is at the discretion of the promoter.
5. Jewelry, sashes, scepters, or other prize offerings are not required, but the promoter has the option to add them. Any sash should have the complete name and year of your prelim.

Promoter and Promoter Responsibilities

1. Always be familiar with the current rules and guidelines of the Miss Gay America pageant defined by Mad Angel Entertainment.
2. A promoter should help govern the rules and help maintain a standard of excellence.
3. Pay franchise fees in a timely manor. Fees should be received within the terms of the contract, but no later than 30 days prior to your scheduled preliminary.
4. Mad Angel Entertainment reserves the right to refuse anyone from promoting the pageant for any reason.
5. Mad Angel Entertainment reserves the right to terminate a contract with a promoter immediately for any of the following reasons:
     a. Does not abide by the pageant rules.
     b. Fails to arrange travel or sufficient lodging for Miss Gay America.
     c. Misrepresents the pageant negatively.
     d. Has been proven to “fixing” a contest or manipulating scores.
    e. Does not renew a contract in a timely manor.
    f. Does not pay the franchise fees by required dates.
    g. Fails to honor prize package as advertised.
    h. Transfers pageant to another party without written consent from Mad Angel Entertainment.

Promotional Photography Requirements

1. The winner and first alternate are required to provide a current promotional headshot for advertising purposes.
2. All digital pictures should be at least 300 DPI and in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.
3. Headshots are preferred to be with a solid background.
4. Headshots pose should have at least one “face forward” and “eyes forward” photo.
5. We encourage people to be artistic but tasteful.
6. Only titleholders in the current pageant year should be photographed with a crown. If your first alternate held a state or regional title in a previous year they should not have a crown on in their current headshot.
7. For the yearly program please request that no photo credits be placed on the images. You may advertise on your website or social media photo credits.

Revocation of a Titleholder and or First Alternate

1. Mad Angel Entertainment reserves the right to review the actions of any and all City, State, and Regional titleholders and first alternates.
2. If actions are found to be detrimental or harming to the Miss Gay America Pageant system, sanctions may be applied.
3. Any titleholder or first alternate of any level will be required to pay back all prize money and return any physical prizes to the promoter or national office if a title is revoked.
4. Protocol for revocation:
     a. Promoters should gather as much information and document the situation leading to the revocation.
     b. All parties involved will be able to speak to the allegations of the revocation.
     c. The national office including Mad Angel Entertainment and Miss Gay America will adjudicate the revocation request.
     d. The decision will be sent via email and phone call to the promoter as to document the situation.
     e. A time limit of 10 calendar days will be allowed for the purpose of appealing the revocation decision.
     f. Once a decision of the appeal has been made it will be final.
5. If there is less than 6 months remaining the next alternate in line will move up a position to replace the person that has been removed.
6. Reasons for revocation include but are not limited to:
     a. Using or dispensing illegal drugs.
     b. Are intoxicated while representing their respective title.
     c. Is tardy or absent from officially sanctioned pageant events.
     d. If, after having competed is not present for coronation and photos after a preliminary.

Scoring Procedures and Tabulation

1. Preliminary promoters MUST use the scoring system provided by Mad Angel Entertainment. No Exceptions
      a. Paper format
      b. Electronic format (laptop or ipads)
2. A paper backup should be ready in the event of a failure in an electronic version.
3. All score sheets must be made available to Miss Gay America for verification or to Mad Angel Entertainment upon request.
4. Only the Master Scores can be released to contestants after the pageant.
5. The promoter should assign a trustworthy person to be in charge of tabulation of the scores.
6. Judging will be based on a total points accumulated system. That is, the pageant scoring will be done on a cumulative basis.
7. Miss Gay America at state and regional pageants is responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the scores.

State Pageants

1. Promoters of Closed-State pageants should ensure that the state titleholder is prepared to administrate at the City Preliminary pageants.

Which includes:
      a. Being familiar with the rules including emcee and entertainment guidelines.

      b. Be able to hold an orientation to brief contestants on the State pageant.
2. Residency requirements are met for closed state pageants.

Suspension of Privilege to Compete

1. Suspensions and bans in the Miss Gay America pageant system are followed at all city, state, regional, and national levels.
2. Mad Angel Entertainment can over-ride or lift a suspension.
      a. If the contestant is suspended or banned at a city, state, or regional level Mad Angel Entertainment will
          consult with the promoter and people involved in whatever situation caused the ban before lifting it.
3. Justification for suspension of privilege to compete and the length of time includes but not limited to:
      a. Qualified contestant resigns or fails to compete at the next level of competition. 1-year suspension.
      b. Failure to appear on stage for the coronation ceremony of a particular contest. 1-year suspension.
      c. Un-sportsman like conduct. 2-year suspension
      d. Contestants suspended 3 times may be permanently banned from competing in the future.
4. If a contestant is banned after qualifying all prize moneys and physical prizes must be returned to the promoter who awarded them.
5. Miss Gay America pageant system will respect any ban from Miss Gay USofA and Miss Gay Continental pageant
systems whereby when notified, such suspensions will carry forward to the Miss Gay America pageant system unless otherwise approved by the national office.

Tie Score

1. In the event of a tie of any top ten finalists, the score of the “Male Interview” will break the tie. In the event the
tied contestants have the same score in “Male Interview” the tied contestants will re-compete in the “On Stage
Question”. This can be the same question for both contestants if they person not answering can be removed
from the area and cannot hear the other contestants answer.
2. In the event the 11th and 10th contestant are tied for the 10th position of the top 10. The score from “Male
Interview” will be used to break the tie. If that score is the same the score from “Talent (production)” will be
3. The national office should be made aware of any ties and the results.

Time Management and Category Times for Competition

1. Promoters are responsible to ensure the pageant flows in an efficient manner.
      a. Book the appropriate amount of entertainment.
      b. Consult with venue on times to make sure you can finish before having to vacate the venue due to local laws.
2. Male Interview should not exceed 8 minutes in time for each contestant. Miss Gay America will watch time and give a 1 minute warning to conclude the interview.
3. Evening Gown should be no less than 1.5 minutes but may not exceed 2 minutes per contestant.
4. Prop setup for talent should not exceed 3 minutes per contestant.
5. Talent category should not exceed 7 minutes per contestant. Promoters should check recorded track time for compliance.
6. Critique sessions are recommended to be approximately 5 to 7 minutes per contestant.
7. Time violations during competition will result in administrative point deductions.

1. Promoters may advertise their events including prize packages on the national website. Please include venue,
dates, times, and contact information.
2. Any updates should be provided via email to the national office. Changes to the site will be made as soon as
possible but could take up to 7 days.

Year of the Titleholder

1. City State and Regional titleholders will be dated for that year. So if you compete in Jan-Sept 2016 your title will be
Miss Gay _______ America 2016.
2. All State and Regional Titleholders will compete for the national title of the following year. So 2016 contestants
will compete in October of 2016 for the 2017 Miss Gay America pageant.
3. This is so that all contestants competing during the Miss Gay America’s year have the same year of his reign